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*Fluent in French

Bullet Journal

Project Management

  • Offering over 20+ years of experience managing creative projects

  • Organizing assets, content, and schedules

  • Managing project timelines

  • Maintaining filenaming systems and version control

  • Prioritizing tasks and providing progress reports

  • Tracking progress through project management apps: Trello,, Asana, and custom tools

  • Solving problems creatively and efficiently


Writing & Copyediting

  • Writing both short- and long-form original content

  • Copyediting to ensure accuracy in grammar, punctuation, and formatting

  • Conducting research and fact-checking services

  • Interviewing subjects and unearthing effective soundbites

  • Summarizing content for excerpts, summaries, and social posts

  • Ensuring continuity across all distribution channels


Website Management

  • Building and editing webpages in Drupal, WordPress, and custom CMS’s

  • Researching visual options including images, graphics, and videos

  • Sizing images for optimal display

  • Testing webpages on all digital devices

  • Applying SEO best practices

  • Managing web redesigns and migration projects

Video Camera_edited.jpg


  • Supervising production of high-quality videos

  • Conducting fruitful interviews on topics from simple to complex

  • Editing footage in Premiere, iMovie, or QuickTime

  • Producing transcripts of video interviews

  • Creating accurate captions that meet accessibility requirements

  • Offering guidance on video projects

Taking Food Photo With Smartphone_edited

Social Media

  • Auditing an existing social presence and conducting competitor analysis

  • Managing presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

  • Implementing a customized social strategy

  • Maintaining a tone consistent with the brand’s personality

  • Managing content calendars with Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or native tools

  • Conducting social listening and response

  • Summarizing social insights and analytics reports

  • Improving reach, increasing followers, and driving engagement

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Print Collateral

  • Managing print production

  • Supervising production of brochures, flyers, packaging, and other collateral

  • Overseeing graphic designers and artists

  • Translating content into foreign languages*

  • Gathering estimates and managing budgets

  • Reviewing printer’s proofs and ensuring high-quality deliverables

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