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Let’s tell a story.

  • Looking for a strong writer who asks the right questions?

  • Hoping to enhance your channels with video, blog articles, social posts, or other content?

  • Seeking help managing your communications projects?


I'm a storyteller at heart — with a lot of heart.

Send me a concept. I’ll research it, simplify it, uncover the unseen, and make it pop.


Connect me with your scientist, professor, healthcare provider, or other SME. I'll make sure their message is digestible for all readers.


Explain your vision . I'll collaborate with designers, video crews, and other creatives to illustrate your message for your diverse audiences.

Let me champion your organization's mission and herald its benefits to society.

Whatever your mission, whatever the platform, 
I can help.

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*Project links provided when available.

Research/Drafting/Web Content Creation/SME Collaboration

CLIENT: Commonwealth Financial Services PROJECT: Building a Client Segmentation and Service Model

Content Creation/Social Media/Live Event Tweeting

CLIENT: Harvard Business School's Digital Initiative PROJECT: Business of Artificial Intelligence Short Intensive Course


CLIENT: Trinity College PROJECT: The Legacy that Can't be Squashed

Graphic Management/Content Creation/SME Collaboration

CLIENT: Good Measures PROJECT: Bedtime Snacking Flyer

Web Writing/Video Consulting

CLIENT: Higher Ed Experts PROJECT: 7 Video Tips That Still Matter

Archival Research/Video Editing

CLIENT: Brown University PROJECT: 1915 Commencement Highlights

Research/Blog Writing

CLIENT: Hogan Associates PROJECT: Pros and Cons of Making a Back-up Offer

Copyediting/Image Research/Web Management

CLIENT: Harvard Business School/Digital Initiative PROJECT: Competing in an AI-Driven World

Reporting/Writing/Print Production Management

CLIENT: Brown University, Pembroke Center PROJECT: Winter/Spring 2017 Associates Newsletter

Writing/Interviewing/News Stories

CLIENT: Babson College PROJECT: BOW Students Collaborate in ‘Untitled’ Fashion Show

Event Management/Print Production

CLIENT: The Freedom Trail Foundation PROJECT: Tourism Campaign Brochures

Archival Research/Website Creation/Audio-Video Production

CLIENT: Brown University PROJECT: 250th Anniversary Website


CLIENT: Lifespan Hospitals PROJECT: 2022 Community Health Needs Assessments

Graphic Production/SME Collaboration/Social Media Campaign

CLIENT: Good Measures PROJECT: Tips to Keep You Healthy While at Home

Archival Research/Television Production

CLIENT: PBS, WGBH-Boston PROJECT: An American Experience, Spy in the Sky

Writing/Web Content Management

CLIENT: University of Central Missouri PROJECT: English department pages

Content Management/Continuity/Proofreading

CLIENT: Wheaton College PROJECT: Admissions Collateral Suite

Thanks for reaching out!
I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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